Itinerary XV

Silchester to Exeter

Roman place-name Roman Miles English Miles Modern place-names Margary route number
Item a Calleva Isca Dumnuniorum m.p. sic. CXXXVI From Silchester to Exeter
Vindomi XV 15.5 Neatham 155
Venta Belgarum XXI 21 Winchester unclassified
Brige XI 12.5 Buckholt Farm 45a
Sorvioduni VIII 9 Old Sarum 45a
VindoGladia XII 21.75 Badbury Rings 4c
Durnonovaria VIII 19 Dorchester 4e
Muriduno XXXVI [unidentified] unknown
Isca Dumnuniorum XV Exeter unknown

This itinerary is included in Iter XII (probable scribal error).

The Route
Route details here.

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