Itinerary XIII

Caerleon to Silchester

Roman place-name Roman Miles English Miles Modern place-names Margary route number
Item ab Isca Calleva m.p. sic. CVIIII 106 From Caerleon to Silchester
Burrio VIIII 7 Usk 60a
Blestio XI 11 Monmouth 6d
Arconio XI 12.5 Weston Under Penyard 612a
Clevo XV 13.5 Gloucester not clear
Durocornovio XIIII 16 Cirencester 41c
(missing stage) XVIIII Probably Wanborough 41b
Spinis XV 15 Speen 41b
Calleva XV 12 Silchester 41a

Is it not strange that it goes from Isca (Caerleon), yet the first stop is Burrio, that is Usk. I would say Usk was more likely to be Isca, on phonetic grounds, but this would throw out the whole of the Iter but there you go…
Clevo (with a ‘C’) is more often noted in other texts as Glevum (with a ‘G’) or similar, so it is probably a clerical error.
Speen has hardly altered its name from Spinis. Apparently means thorny, which works for me(1).

(1) Margaret Gelling, Signposts to the Past, BCA, London, 1976, pp.34-35

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