Which Hampshire Archaeological Society?

In North east Hampshire, the world of archaeology is served comprehensively by three groups:

Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society

This society goes back some years but it is “constantly evolving and is not bound by tradition”. They have a yearly O.G.S. Crawford Lecture, and an Annual Report of Archaeology in Hampshire, which is a report of all excavations in the county.

North East Hampshire Historical and Archaeological Society


They are

interested in historical and archaeological matters relating to North East Hampshire UK. We encourage members to take part in research, field work and excavations.

As an alternative, there is:

North East Hampshire Historical and Archaeological Society
(Field Archaeology Branch)


These guys have been closely involved in the research of the recently discovered Winchester to Farnham route, and they are currently looking at a direct route from Winchester to Chichester (The Antonine Itinerary route goes via Clausentum (Bitterne), though the mileages given would suit a more direct route, hence the reason for looking for such a route.

Both NEHHAS and NEHHAS (FAB) have published details of the Winchester to Farnham route separately. It makes studying Roman roads in this area rather difficult, especially as both these societies are looking at Roman roads. Which society do I join? Can I become the member of all groups at a discount?


One thought on “Which Hampshire Archaeological Society?

  1. admin says:

    I received a strongly worded comment from a ‘B’ (thank you whoever you are!) about why a split occurred. It could not be published without me getting into trouble, but I can see archaeological societies have as much politics about them as most other human endeavours.

    Perhaps this is the right time to suggest a reconciliation? Maybe it’s time to bury hatchet. That’s probably not the best choice of phrase in this context (should it be ‘to excavate the hatchet’ in archaeology?). Personally, I am mostly interested in the history, and the archaeology…not the politics.

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