Silchester to St Albans

Although a road connecting these two important Roman towns has always been suspected, actual evidence remains scanty. It is unthinkable that the very thorough Romans left out a direct route from Calleva Atrebates to Verulamium. Margary concurs with us on this. It is a route that a new explorer could make a name for themselves by providing proof. As yet, the full route is a mystery.

At each end there are clear traces – and it is probably a good place to start, and review the situation as it exists today (2018).

At the Silchester end, one would have taken the ‘east’ gate, taking the main route to London, almost due east. This road has since become known as the Devil’s Highway, and its route is now established. At Fair Oak, one would then turn north-north-east along a route that starts as a lane, then very quickly becomes a track, but a track which remains as a straight byway going up and down hill regardless, in the true Roman fashion. This route then starts to get difficult to define as we approach Shinfield.

It is here where we start to play with Roman survey lines… [to be continued soon]!