The Quest Begins

How did the Romans move around the Hampshire countryside? There are few roads. Roman sites abound, but to me it’s unclear how they moved around with so few roads being recorded. The following sites are all miles from the nearest Roman road:

  • Lodge Farm near North Warnborough – site of a modest Roman villa. How did they transport the produce from the farm? (Or, if they had a farm shop, how did everyone travel to it?)
  • Alice Holt Potteries – on the eastern edge of Hampshire in the neighbourhood of Farnham. Alice Holt ware is found at many Roman sites, both in Hampshire, and further afield. It was a very successful pottery in later Roman times: how did they transport their pottery safely?
  • Bramdean Roman villa. Roman villas all over Britain were economically very important for the Romans. But for their full economic worth to be realised, good communications were essential. How did the surplus grain from Bramdean get to its market?

These, and many other Roman sites, are all ‘stranded’ in the middle of lovely Hampshire countryside, and no currently recognised road. I suspect that the roads are there, and we should start to look for them.