Comments switched off due to massive amounts of spam…

Comments are now turned off due to the hundreds of daily spam comments submitted for mediation. Once again the fascists of the global internet (aggressive spammers, ‘marketing departments’, hackers, drug peddlars) have conspired to force the closure of a potentially useful resource. The internet was once considered a great opportunity for international global discourse. WordPress is great, but it falls prey too easily to spamming attacks from the world over.

How the spam breaks down

About 30% foreign – Russian / Chinese (about I know not what)
About 10% web companies that try and sell SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consultancy. No thanks, not here.
About 20% big business marketing departments who unofficially pay kids to send out wordpress spam in order to market their stuff: trainers, shoes, athletic gear, online casinos, performance enhancing drugs etc
About 40% ‘online pharmacies’ – that is, those with chemicals to sell who lack the legality to sell on the high street.
I have had a handful of authentic comments. In future if you have a comment, send it to my email address (which can be subject to much more effective filtering). Send it to tyrone at